Product Review: FAME Cosmetic Limited Edition Autumn Collection 2016

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Hi and Assalamualaikum. 

How are you dolls? Hope that you fine there. Today, I would like to share about lipstick! Well, as you aware today, liquid lipsticks are so on. Liquid lipstick here, liquid lipstick there! Every brand would like to produce their own version of liquid lipstick, be it international brand or local brand. Actually I’m quite proud because our local products are equally on track with international and well-known brand. Keep it guys! 

The only issue with liquid lipstick that everyone has been ranting about it is, it really really drying up your lips when you wearing it. And the debate of which liquid lipstick of which brand is better, and more moisturise is always come into the picture. Well, today, I will be talking about FAME Limited Edition Liquid Lipstick. 

RM 70 (for both, it comes in set)
Net Weight: 6 grams.
I sincerely have been eyeing on this brand for as long as I can remember. But you know, since it is operate online, buying it would be difficult, because I can’t try it before purchasing them. Even though there are lots of pictures and reviews about it, to me it is still insufficient to make me go crazy buying it unless I tried it myself and put myself in indecisive mode, whether to buy it or not.
But then, when I put it on my lips, I really like the colour! Especially code Glam. Super like it! It is not too nude neither it too dark. Just nice and sexy chewaaah! 

Speaking of texture, I do find its creamy texture is adequate and it glide smoothly on lips. Pigmented as well, which is really important because you don’t want to put a thick layer of liquid lipstick. Trust me, it will give more crack on your lips and it will not look good. A thin layer is more than enough or else you will have very dry lips, in any liquid lipstick. This FAME liquid lipstick, it doesn’t dry out my lips! The lipstick dries well on my lip but not sucking up all the moisture on lips. Good Job FAME!

What I love the most about this Fame limited edition liquid lipstick is the smell. It smell sooooo good! I think it smells like chocolate! If it is edible might just eat it! Urghhh Gosh it so freaking good smell!

When I swatch it on my hand, I thought, will it be good on my lips, won’t be too nude or won’t it make my face look so pale nak arwah
Here some of pictures me wearing CODE: TOPAZ

And me wearing CODE: GLAM


Colour wise, I think it suited so well with theme which is autumn, the shade as well as the packaging matched with the theme. The Topaz is nude colour, to those who really love nude shade, they might go crazy over it. Well, I would rarely use that shade much, but I might use Glam like all the time! 

Honestly, I am going to get another set. Just because to have an extra unit, since its limited edition, and I really really LOVE code GLAM. Oh my, FAME please continue this set or make code GLAM is available as loose pleaseee. 

Alright, this all for now. Any suggestions, ideas and comments are welcome. You may reach me through my email address or you can follow me at my Instagram account: @veemarissa. See ya dolls~

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