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Hi! Assalamualaikum. Hari ni Vee nak share my opinion on NRC - NR Cosmetics by Nuex Rosli. During last MakeUp Class Session dengan Nuex Rosli, Vee ada received NRC Cosmetics boleh baca post tu kat sini ya . Actually kan this post pun, Vee dah lama drafted it but I did not published it yet, so here we go!

NRC NR Cosmetics
Perfect Treatment Foundation, Mr Fluffy All Over Blender and Luxury Face Mist

Siapa yang tak kenal dengan MUA yang terkenal ni, Nuex Rosli. Nuex Rosli atau lebih dikenali dengan NR, kalau tak salah Vee, selain daripada Makeup Artis dia juga ada label scarves atau hijab sendiri iaitu By Absolute dan sekarang NR ada makeup line sendiri – NR Cosmetics. Antara makeup yang NR keluarkan adalah, Foundation, Mr Fluffy All Over Blender, Luxury Face Mist, Single Eyeshadow Pan, Glitter Eyeshadow Pot, Loose & Baking Translucent Powder.

At the moment Vee drafted this posts, there are only three (3) shades of Foundation, and Vee bought two (2) of them, Medium and Dark. Then, Vee kena mix both shades to get right shade for my skin. I think, they have more shades now, Extra Light, Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark and Extra Dark. For each bottle contains 25ml and it has Vitamin C and Honey Bee Venom. Jadi ni bukan sahaja makeup tapi ada skincare benefit juga.

The items that Vee received masa class adalah Luxury Face Mist, Mr Fluffy All Over Blender dan mirror NRC. Luxury Face Mist can be used as primer and setting spray as well. It has cooling and hydrating effect, enriched with Vitamin C and Peppermint extract. Mr Fluffy All Over Blender is really big and squishy beauty blender that.

Personal Review:
So let’s start my opinion on the Perfect Treatment Foundation, Vee suka sangat, first of all because of the coverage. If korang looking for local foundation brand with full coverage and hydrating at the same time, this is it! The only hustle yang Vee experience, I kena mix the colours to get my shade (at the time I beli belum ada lagi Medium-Dark shade), so kalau Vee nak cepat, Vee memang takkan grab foundation ni. One more thing, foundation ni kan maybe sebab dia ada skincare benefit macam Vit C and Honey Bee Venom, so dia lambat sikit nak kering sikit, but as a makeup lover and a makeup artist too, Vee rasa bagus, sebab ada ruang untuk blend lagi bagi masuk dengan kulit, dah guna brush maybe nak soft kan look, boleh ambil any beauty blender blend sampai puas hati. So you akan ada masa to work with the foundation.

Kalau foundation yang cepat sangat kering atau matte, kita kena work fast, kalau tak nanti, tu yang makeup tak rata lah, tak blend nicely, bercapuk and etc. I love everything about the foundation, tapi usually Vee only pakai untuk certain events sahaja, maybe dinner or wedding sebab full coverage dia. Dan untuk skin Vee somehow, the foundation ni macam stick on my face rather macam sunk together into the skin. I’m not sure whether dia beneficial for me atau tak, that’s why I prefer to wear NR Foundation to a certain event, especially that require full heavy makeup and full coverage.

Mr Fluffy All Over Blender – It comes with various beautiful colours. But somehow I personally kurang suka blender/makeup sponge ni. Dia sangat kenyal, maybe to some people diaorang akan suka, sebab kenyal dan sedap untuk digengam. Tapi my hand grip not that strong, therefore personally Vee kurang suka, Vee prefer the original beauty blender because it’s so soft and lembut, haha dah la nak blend pun lenguh tangan, sponge pun very squishy, so require a lot of energy nak makeup. Rasa macam tengah buat stress exercise kat tangan (like you know those stress ball exercise). Bila dibasahkan Mr Fluffy All Over Blender ni dia mengembang dengan jaya nya. So senang nak blend sebab dia cover larger area at one time. Bila dia blend on skin pun rasa sponge tu lembut je. Blend pun cantik. Since dia sangat kenyal, nak basuh blender ni pun bagi Vee agak mencabar kesabaran dan mencabar kekuatan gengaman tangan Vee juga haha. Tapi to those yang suka squishy things, you might like this one!

The Luxury Face Mist ni sumpah BEST! Bak kata NR LOVE LOVE LOVE! Memang best, Vee ada dry, dehydrated and easily irritated skin. Since this mist sangat cooling, I rarely use this for makeup primer or setting, instead Vee selalu pakai as skin care steps, especially bila rasa muka Vee panas, gatal atau irritated. When you have dry skin kan, the most uncomfortable feeling is bila your skin so tight, tegang sangat sampai rasa gatal dan dia akan rasa panas kat muka. That’s when Vee akan spray face mists all over my face. Luxury Face Mist NR ni smells nice too, very macam relaxing like spa smell.

Overall opinion:
Vee love Face Mists and Foundation too! Would I buy again, Luxury Face Mist? Definitely! Foundation? Maybe but I have other foundations lain to try too. Mr Fluffy All Over Blender? Nope. But I would love to try EyeShadows pans dan Glitter EyeShadows in Pots! Will try to get my hands on those soon.

NRC Cosmetics
Perfect Treatment Foundation, Mr Fluffy All Over Blender and Luxury Face Mist
Available at NRC agents and   

Thank you for your time and I hope this has help you. These are merely my personal opinion, experiences and preferences. Keep coming back, more reviews and tips are coming up. For any products suggestions or any tips that you would like me to try it out, you may do so, just leave your comment okay?

*Disclaimer: Any products review in this blog are purchased with my own money and no sponsorship or paid review whatsoever unless it is stated. Merely my own experience and opinion on these items. 

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