Tips Make up For Teens!

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Teens kulit masih baru and masih fresh, so penggunaan make up yang tebal boleh menyebabkan kulit kita kering dan rosak, especially kepada kulit yang senang sensitive.So, before put on your make up, make sure you pakai something to cover your face before letak bedak, foundation or etc, for me, i love put whitening cream before I put on my make up. Here xx things beauty secret yang teens should know.

1. Tolong lah skip guna foundation.
    Espeacially bila ada jerawat, kita as teen (I pun akan buat bnda yang sama jugak) mesti nak tepek foundation tebal-tebal kat tempat jerawat tu so that tak ada orang akan nampak. Actually, foundations untuk age 35 and above, to cover their flaws on their face, if teen guna it will cover our natural beauty. Rather than using foundation, gunalah concealer nak cover jerawat then guna powder or tinted mosturizer, these things tends to lighter than foundations.

2. Go as natural as you can.
yelah, as teenagers muka kita still nampak fresh and kata orang berseri-seri, so avoid using heavy make up. Heavy make up for teenagers will make us look older, would you want to look older than your real age? I wouldn't.So, the conclusion is go as natural as you can, jangan tebal-tebal nanti nampak macam opera cina.. kuangkuangkuang =P

3. Heavy eye make up or heavy lipstick or lipgloss??
For example, your course buat dinner, mestilah you nak nampak yang paling hot sekali dalam ramai-ramai yelah sekali dalam satu semester. Then you pun tepek semua colour eyeshadow yang baru beli kat guardian tu and ambil pulak lipstick merah menyala kalah merah traffic light. Actually you making yourself look like more hideous, you got to choose, kalau nak pakai make up tebal-tebal then go nude colour for your lips, then otherwise, or else yopu akan nampak sangat weird... Kalau tak percaya try la!

4. Less is more!
Kadang-kadang make up banyak-banyak pun tak elok. But to some people by wearing make up will give them more confidence to anything, Or you can just wearing your compact powder with some blusher on your cheeks then put a very thin but visible eyeliner and choose your favourite lip gloss of the dayt, then you can go to works, classes or elsewhere by looking just nice. Isn't just lovely.

5. Trick!
Daripada guna lipstick yang warna "wow" bile dipandang apa kata, soften kan sikit dengan campur other light tone colour of lipstick or mix dengan lipgloss, look more natural, and young! And bwhen put your eyeliner, make sure it does not go to thick or else it will look worse! You can also try other colours apart from using black eyeliner, for exemple using blue or green eyeliner, lebih senang, sebab u do not have to wear eyehsadow and it shows more natural and more of you!!.

Goodluck Girlz!


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