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Banila Co: Clean It Zero [Review]

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Hi! Assalamualaikum. It has been a while that I stepped out from blogging, I’ve been busy completing my master papers and handling my Florist business (IG: Flori Malaysia – do check the page ya) and I also have been trying LOTS OF SKINCARE AND MAKEUP. So, I’m back baby! And I will share all my opinion on those stuff in my blog. So hari ni, Vee akan share my opinion on one of the skin care item, iaitu Oil Cleanser: Banila Co Clean It Zero.

Banila Co.
Clean It Zero (Oil Cleanser)

Ini memang antara skincare items dari Korea yang ramai orang rave about it. So I decided to give a try. Every day on night routine kena make sure yang kita bersihkan kulit muka dan pores betul-betul untuk mengelakkan dari pores tersumbat. Nanti mula jerawat naik, blackhead, whitehead and all sorts of skin problems. Once it happened, nak treat nanti takes a lot time. Vee actually, in these two years have been dealing with serious acne and skin problem (I will do another post about my journey tu ya).

Banila Co Clean It Zero is actually Cleansing Balm, dia datang dalam bentuk balm, which is texture macam Vaseline or lipbalm punya texture tapi once you rub on your skin atau rub atas tapak tangan, dia akan melt and turn into oil. Dia akan melt kan semua makeup on your face.

What It Claims: All-in-one Cleansing & First step Skincare, Draw out impurities from the pores perfectly. Suitable for sensitive skin. ZERO residue, spill, grease, dirt and irritation. Maintain moisture no tight feeling after cleansing.

Ingredients: Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate , PEG-10 Isostearate, Synthetic Wax, Onsen-Sui, Phenoxyethanol, Butylene Glycol, Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Root Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance, Ethylhexylglycerin, Water, 1,2-Hexanediol, Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf/Stem Extract Aspalathus Linearis Extract, Angelica Archangelica Root Extract, Malpighia Glabra (Acerola) Fruit Extract, Polydiethyleneglycol Adipate/IPDI Copolymer, Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Acrylates/Methoxy PEG-15 Methacrylate Copolymer

Menurut website: Ada satu bahan yang boleh berpotensi untuk clogged kan pores dari products ni (Ethylhexyl Palmitate) dan Value untuk Acne - Ethylhexyl Palmitate adalah 4 (Indication 0-5, lagi rendah value lagi rendah chances nak jadi. Tapi afterall depends on your skin, if your skin okay, didn’t clogged pores using this balm, then teruskan pakai.

How to Use It: 
Senang je, just scoop some of the balm, rub them to your face, melt all makeup or sunblock and it turns into oil. Then, letak air sikit kat muka kemudian rub lagi nanti dia akan turn from oil into milky water, after that you rinse everything off. 

Personal Review:
Personally, lepas gunakan Banila Co Cleansing Balm ni, Vee rasa kulit Vee kering dan tegang. Tapi, note that my skin is Dry, Dehydrated, Acne Prone and Sensitive to begin with. So, their claim ada moisture selepas menggunakan balm is not happening to me at all lah.  Just one thing about this balm, it irritated my eyes. Memang pedih, jadi Vee end up kena guna makeup remover lain specifically untuk remover eye makeup. Banila Co ni memang cun bersihkan eye makeup – don’t get me wong, it does it works beautifully melting all those eyeshadows, glitters and mascara, but it STINGS my eyes.

It does cleanse well on my face, so especially bila malam usually dah penat, tenyeh je balm ni, lepas tu letak air nanti dia akan jadi milky, rub lagi then rinse, Done! My face free from makeup or sunblock.

In term of breakout, I do find a little bumps on skin after using it, not often, maybe that day I didn’t clean it well or maybe it’s just because of my hormones or maybe the makeup I’m using cause me breakout, I’m not entirely sure sebab I kind of believe it does its job melting all the makeup on face. So that’s why I keep buying them and it is actually my second jar and it still the same, kadang2 ada naik jerawat and pore clogged tapi not everywhere lah. So now, I decided to try other brand pulak. Or maybe for my skin-type I need to try oil cleanser in liquid form instead.

Emptied the second bottle! Yeayy! I like even though dia dalam jar, ada spatula untuk scoop the balm so tak ada la content infected dengan our bacteria in our hands. But be sure to clean your spatula after using okay (I know some people rasa this step renyah, that’s why they prefer squeeze or pump skincare items)

Overall opinion:
Overall opinion? Not bad actually. Maybe I should’ve try the one for sensitive skin type. It actually comes in four (4) different types, so maybe if you wanted to try maybe you guys can go to their stores, the one I always visited is at Pavillion and Mid Valley, tell them your skin condition they will suggest which Clean It Zero to use.

Do I like it? Yes. Will I purchase it, Yes but I still wanted to try other cleansing oil that may suit my skin more. I did purchase new cleansing oil from Korean brand as well, so I’m hoping it does well on my skin.

[ Where to Get It? ] 
Banila Co Clean It Zero Original (Pink Tub)
Available at Banila Co Stores (Mid Valley & Pavillion) or purchase online Hermo, Althea.

Thank you for your time and I hope this has help you. These are merely my personal opinion, experiences and preferences. Keep coming back, more reviews and tips are coming up. For any products suggestions or any tips that you would like me to try it out, you may do so, just leave your comment okay?

*Disclaimer: Any products review in this blog are purchased with my own money and no sponsorship or paid review whatsoever unless it is stated. Merely my own experience and opinion on these items.

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