Event: Makeup Master Tour 2016

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Hi and Assalamualaikum. Hope everything went well for you dolls. Okay, today is just a short blog post. Last few weeks I attended a makeup class by two famous celebrity makeup artist, Syedewa & Nuex Rosli. So, I’m going to brief you about the event. If you are thinking joining the event, this post might help you.

Event: Makeup Master Tour 2016 (mmtour2016)
Located: Kuala Lumpur (The Spazio, Shah Alam)
Date: 18 September 2016
Class Period: 9.00 am – 10.30 pm. (Monday Close)

I am not a professional Make Up Artist (MUA), but I do love makeup. Oh yeah sometimes, I do makeup services but currently only among my close relatives and friends only. I have never been to any makeup or beauty classes before. This is the first one that I attended. All the makeup skill that I have are all self-taught, the one that I’ve read or viewed from YouTube and so on. So, I thought why not get a proper lesson about makeup. Then I came across Nuex Rosli Facebook account where he will organize Make Up Tour this year.

For early bird sign-up it is only RM399
Normal Price is RM 450
Deposit: RM 300 balance to be paid at the class.
*No refund for cancellation.

The first of this tour is in Kuala Lumpur but it is actually at Shah Alam. The class was held at The Spazio, Menara Naza TTDI (Instagram: @TheSapzio_bysanggul) and started at 9.30 am until 5.00 pm.

Flow of the event:
    o   Breakfast
    o   Registration
    o   Opening Speech & Doa
    o   Makeup Demo by Syedewa
    o   Q&A session with Syedewa
    o   Rest Time, Lunch, Shopping & Practice Time
    o   Makeup Demo by Nuex Rosli
    o   Q&A session with Nuex Rosli
    o   Lucky Draw Session
    o   Closing
    o   Photo Session. 

What will you learn at this class? Of course their technique making their makeup look so beautiful. I really like their glowing, flawless and natural looking (not too much) makeup. You can ask anything during the learning process. Both sifu tak lokek ilmu. They also shared the products that they used, the brand, code and how to apply it correctly. It comprises of Basic to Advanced makeup skills. It is two different teachers, so you have more options and knowledge. Then you can adapt it into your own skills. They also highlighted do and don’ts, how to draw a perfect eyebrow, how to choose a good foundation and many many more.
What did I received from the class (door gifts)?
   o   The Book (Makeup Book by Syedewa & Nuex Rosli) – currently exclusive for participants only
   o   Participants Tag and Lanyard.
   o   Makeup Notes and Products Lists.
   o   Sponsored Items:
o   Shawl (Absolute),
o   Spoolie, Lip Mask & Cotton Bud (Kosmetic Kollection)
o   Supplement Trial Pack (Tun Teja)
o   MAC MUA Preview Admission Card (only to those attended at KL classes).

Shawl by Absolute
Tag & Lanyard

The Book by Syedewa & Nuex Rosli
Oh yeah, you don’t need to bring anything, it is all provided except bring your note book, or bring your camera because you are allowed to record the session (it is easier you don’t have to write down everything). Forgive my bare and sick face. Because I don’t feel very well that day. 

Thanks Iqa temankan I pergi class makeup. Kalau tak krik krik la wey.
Honestly, I learn a lot. I thought some of steps in makeup are not necessary whereby, it DOES but with better application. Their products sharing is very useful, you can just go straight buying it, if it is too expensive you now know the texture, the colour and the shade, then you can get similar products with much cheaper in cost. 

They provide breakfast and lunch too, and it is included in the price as well. Food sedaaaap & berbaloi. During the lunch break, they also provide few makeup stations for us to try implement the technique that they taught. Apart from that, the sponsors open their booth at the back so you can go shopping! The brushes from Kosmetic Kollection are authentic and cheap as well! They are also Obsess Cosmetic booth with their DD cream and Liquid Lipsticks, Tun Teja with their supplements, Nafura with their makeup (concealer, mascara, honey bee venom and etc) and Layra Beauty with their Marula & Argan Oil. So do bring your money just in case you would be shopping there.

We are not in this group photo, as at this time we already went home; feeling sick =( I enjoyed the class! Keep it up sifu!

These are the next classes dates:
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป 9 OCT | PENANG
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป 6 NOV | SARAWAK
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป 3 DEC | SABAH
Contact Miss Ina if you like to join: +6013-3025832

I think they have promotion price, contact Miss Ina to double confirm okay?
1 tickets = RM450 (deposit RM200)
2 tickets = RM849 (deposit RM400)
3 ticktes = RM1199 (deposit RM600)
Oh! Yeah very recommended because it is waaaay cheaper in fees compared to just one classes, if I’m not mistaken I heard that one class with just ONE of them already cost RM650. It is two of them with those gifts and benefits from it for RM 450, memang sumpah berbaloi. Until the next posts, take care!

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