Sunsilk Launch Party: Refreshed Hair Care Line

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Hello & Assalamualaikum Dolls~
It has been awhile now, but fret not, my problems with camera & laptop is fixed! I can now blogging, I’m back baby! This post has been due to more than a month now, due to these unfortunate circumstances. But, here I am now.


Indeed for most of us, girls, we have many concern regarding our hair care. We want to look good and we want to look our best. Bad hair day, it just ruin everything that we put on. So, definitely good hair day, it gives you a better head start for the day. Thus, finding the perfect hair care solutions will help us, girls to gain confidence to face our challenging day. According to Phoenix Ho, Senior Brand Manager, Total Hair, Unilever, said that Sunsilk realises that it isn’t always easy to achieve beautiful and healthy hair – especially with bad hair days, as with our local weather and time constrains.

I am honoured to be invited to this fun launching party hosted by Sunsilk. I wish to thank Sunsilk, Edelman and Unilever for this experiences. I really enjoyed the party. Want to know more what I did during the party? Keep reading ya! 

Sunsilk is well-known hair care line products, and you can find their product almost everywhere. Sunsilk has always been at the forefront of instilling confidence in its girls and encouraging a sense of sisterhood to support each other. 

With a promise of “Hair on Your Side”, they re-launched its eight (8) products with latest formula and product design. The brand’s latest line-up with vibrant and new outside look with improved formula as benefits. The newest eight (8) variants have been infused with effective nourishing proteins, vitamins and natural oils to guarantee a unique solution to different hair care needs. Sunsilk also famous with co-creation their products with leading hair care experts Yuko Yamashita, Dr. Francesce Fusco, Thomas Taw and Jamal Hammadi. 

At the launching event, Vincent Chong, Marketing Director, Unilever, said that Sunsilk being number 1 shampoo and conditioner in Penisular Malaysia comes with a commitment to bring the best in hair care for our consumers, and they realised it was the time to upgrade in order to continue being hair care companion our Sunsilk girl need. 

Additionally, Phoenix Ho, Senior Brand Manager, Total Hair, Unilever also mentioned, the consumers have always been at the heart of their brand and they are passionate in helping girls achieving great looking hair in a fun and easy manner. She also added that, they hope to empower girls to achieve their dreams, with beautiful hair on their side. 

All eight (8) refreshed hair care line up is presented with matching outfit of the models, then a dance performance is staged. Then the Sunsilk Sisterhood Anthem was also performed at the launch for the first time by Najwa Latif, Daiyan Trisha, Lizz Chloe and Jestinna Kuan. Sister Forever, its Sunsilk’s way to empower girls with upbeat song and having hair on your side empowers you to be the best you can be. The song also marks in brand history in creating a community of Sunsilk ‘sisters’ to encourage them to write their own stories. 

Products Showcase & Catwalk
Dance Performance
Lizz Chloe, Najwa Latif, Daiyan Trisha & Jestinna Kuan singing Sisters Forever
Lizz Chloe, Najwa Latif, Daiyan Trisha & Jestinna Kuan singing Sisters Forever
Before entering the event hall, we were allowed to play with this vending machine. All we need to do is to answer few simple questions regarding to our hair concern, then it will give sample that suited with your hair. And the result shampoo for me is Smooth & Manageable. Yeayyy! My favourite colour! When we go inside the hall, it looked so spacious, a stage, lots of booth, and there is candy booth too! 

There are eight (8) booth which representing of each their new line up! And I will take you to each booth! Okay first, we go to Perfect Straight booth. Perfect Straight Booth represent Purple Colour. This product is also co-created with Yuko Yamashita, Sunsilk Perfect Straight is an advanced product formulated with Straight-Lock Technology, it penetrates deep within the hair fibre which aligns and holds hair fibres beautifully straight as it dries*, right from the shower. Here in this booth, they provided Perfect Straight games in which one need to have steady hand pulling the rod without touching the straight steel within 30 seconds! And I made it!! 

Focus Focus Vee!

I won! Less than 30 seconds!

I received this as prize! =)

Next booth is, Lively Clean and Fresh posed with Green Colour. Co-Created with Francesca Fusco, created Lively Clean and Fresh which enriched with Vitamin  Citrus Complex, this variant is created to remove build-up of excess scalp sebum, whilst refreshing it in just one wash! This products targeted specifically to girls who wear hijab for comfort wearing with healthy hair. Booth Clean and Fresh offer free shawl and Hijab tutorial. Since I’m not wearing one, I just skip this one and give opportunity to others =)  

Then, I went to Soft and Smooth Booth, where they run tests called Swim or Sink test. This test aimed to show differences between damaged hair and repaired hair with Soft and Smooth Products. The products is co-created with Thomas Thaw and it comes with Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. It is infused with a unique blend of 5 natural oils that works in 2 ways, which penetrates into the hair to deeply nourish the driest part of your hair and creates a protective layer that helps keep the nourishment inside your hair. 

In the Swim test, both same hair are tied in knot and both swim simultaneously. Surprisingly, the one that swim with Soft and Smooth products detangle by itself. Whoaaa!

While in the Sink test, both water are simply just water, both hair are damaged hair. But, one has been through treatments of Soft and Smooth products and another is left as it is. As result, the damaged one sink while the repaired one stay afloat. 


This time, I went to my favourite booth! Smooth and Manageable! Pink Pink Pink! It has PINK SWINGS! It soooo cute! =) Here we can take pictures and upload it to our Instagram accounts to win a chance of lucky draw. Here are my pictures. Smooth and Manageable comes with four products, which are Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Leave-On Cream. Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo contains Keratin Yoghurt NutriComplex co-created with Yuko Yamashita which that tames fluffy hair and shields it against harsh environments, making hair smooth, aligned and under control during the day, and infused with a unique blend of 5 natural oils that deeply nourish your hair without making it greasy or limp.


After that, we drop by at the Anti-Dandruff Booth. Anti- Dandruff, is co-created with world leading scalp expert Francesca Fusco. Anti-Dandruf with represented with Blue Colour is infused with ZPT Citrus Complex, it purifies the scalp to eliminate dandruff and protects hair's natural condition from dryness and help restores dandruff-free* scalp and beautiful hair. Here at this booth, we were allowed to play “Clean the Dandruff" from an application in Ipad. Sadly, I was unable to win, it need 350 points to get a prize. But it’s okay! The knowledge about the products is more valuable. Too oily scalp is also not a good thing for your hair, it also can build up dandruff, but dryness scalp will produce flaky and snowy dandruff in which it is much harder to handle. Remember! Not to wash your hair very often and use shampoo that suited your needs to prevent such thing happened to your hair. 

Then, I went to Hairfall Solution and Damage Restore Booth. One with Gold colour and Orange. These two products share the same booth. But first let’s go about the products. Hairfall Solution co-created with Francesca Fusco contains Soya Vitamin Complex that nourishes and strengthens that crucial first inch of hair. It reduces hair fall by 93%**, give strong and abundant hair. ** 93% based on lab test compared to non-conditioning shampoo with regular use of Sunsilk Hair Fall system. 

Damage Restore which is in Orange packaging also comes with four products, Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Leave-On Cream. Co-created with Thomas Thaw, it gives 2x more protection for truly healthy hair. It contains keratin, a natural hair protein responsible for your hair's health and strength. With Keratin Crème repairs even the smallest creaks and protects your hair healthy and strong again. The serum gives back extreme smoothness, shine, and health to damaged hair. Provided with Oil Serum Nutri-Complex, it reconstructs beneath hair surface and fills damaged cracks deep inside. Reduces hair breakage, tames frizzy hair, and prevents split ends**. Perfect match for Damaged Hair concerned! At Hairfall Solution and Damage Restore Booth, we get hair styling for free!

Last but not least, Black Shine Booth. Co-created by Jamal Hammadi from Beverly Hills. Jamal Hammadi is a Hollywood hairdresser based in Los Angeles. Shiny hair gives you a boost of confidence! Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo has been co-created with Jamal Hammadi to give you a boost of confidence with UV filter and Henna Complex, it reveals hair's natural shine while protecting it from UV rays which can cause hair to become dull over time. With natural blackest shines and healthy hair, it definitely give a celebrity finish-feeling towards the user. If you wanna feel glamorous, why not try Black Shine! 

I really had fun during the events, the food is awesome, and the booth is fun, lots of experiences and knowledge too! Oh! And the freebies toooo! Thank you sooo mcuh! I get some samples of the products and I have tried some of them. I am satisfied with them, it smell really good (I really like shampoo that smell good) and it feels good so far. If you would like to give each variants a review, let me know okay? =) 

Sunsilk Variant Price Information!
70 ml – RM 3.80 (only available for Smooth & Manageable, Lively Clean & Fresh, Anti-Dandruff and Black Shine),
160 ml – RM 8.50,
320 ml – RM 13.85,
650 ml – RM 26.90

160 ml – RM8.50
320 ml – RM13.85

Treatment (only available for Smooth & Manageable, Soft and Smooth and Damage Restore)
200 ml- RM 13.85

Leave-On Cream (Only available for Smooth and Manageable and Damage Restore)
40 ml – RM3.80
120 ml – RM7.35

You able to find it most stores, supermarkets and retails outlets nationwide. 

Thank You for your time! I’m so sorry with the low quality pictures, I have new camera now, future posts will be with higher quality, Pinky Promise!


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