Cat Cafe: Good Meowning

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Hi and Assalamualaikum. How are you? I’m back with another blog post, but this time I will be talking about a café! Not just any café, is Good Meoooowning~

Café: Good Meowning, Café for Cat Lovers
Located: 1, Jalan Suasana 2/7a, Tun Hussein Onn, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 9.00 am – 10.30 pm. (Monday Close)
Wifi: Available. 

Since it has became viral lately, I keep insisting AH to bring me to Good Meowning café, but due to our tight schedule. We were unable to go. However, one ‘good meowning’ (aka good morning) AH told me, he has somewhere to bring me to and I can look forward to it. He tried to surprise me, however, it failed! I found out too soon. Since my phone keep meragam, I usually use his phone for business purposes, accidentally I saw one of his history searches was Good Meowning! Haha, kantoi awal sangat la awaakk. So we went to Good Meowning! 

There is not many food choices offered but it tastes good! And it doesn’t cost more than RM10.00 each. As their main attraction is the cats. So, it’s fine. The interior of the café is amazing, they have lost of canvas posters with cute cats presenting various messages and with beautiful murals. The tables are made of old traditional Singer tailoring machines! Extra points on keeping our heritage intact! Ding Ding Ding! Oh! This café is also provided with Surau, so fret not, to spend your time with the fur balls, you can go solat and come back playing with them.

The cats’ area is separated from the eating/café area. Which is good, it helps to keep the place in tidy, at the same time able to secure the safety of the cats and both health of customers and cats. The cats’ area is within glass door and glass wall. To enter it, you will have to pay RM 5 for each 30 minutes. You will also be given sanitizer, to sanitise your hand before going inside to play with them.

According to the owners, most of the cats here are actually their own, they opened this business in January this year (2016), in order to share the loves of their passion of cats. To date, there are a few stray cats that they brought in and take a good care of them. Some of the stray cats is also available for adopting. If you would like to adopt one, contact them =)  

These cats area usually have their days alternate placed in the café. For instance, today they brought in 22 cats, tomorrow, they will have another in the café. According to the owner, cats also need rests, when they dealing with many people every day and non-stop for days, they will get stressed and eventually get sick. That’s why, they rotate their cats to be at the café. 

A tip for you guys, if you would like to come here, they said that, the best time to play with cats is in the morning as they are more playful and energetic. During my visit here, the cats are sleeping everywhere. So better come in the morning to the café! I think that is why they named their café as Good Meowing. 

Moreover, they mentioned that, to maintain these many cats is not an easy tasks. The cost of maintaining them is also another factors. Oh btw, they also sell their tote bag with painted of their cat celebrities faces. They are sooo cute! Don’t forget to buy one as your souvenir and be part in contributing to their efforts.

After you went out from the cats’ area, they provide with roller to get rid the fur from your clothes and sink complete with soap, sanitizer and paper tower to clean your hand. All in all, I am really satisfied with this café. It doesn’t smell typical cat smell or cat poop, or sewaktu dengannya. It is a good thing, it represent that this café is clean! The food is okay! The areas are separated and nice environment. I will definitely come again and I do not have worry bringing my mom here, as she is allergic to fur etc (she has severe sinus problem), she can enjoy the food here, while I can play with the cats. I miss them already!! 

Oh! Yeah very recommended and you should visit them. Until the next posts, take care!

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