How to Choose the Best Flare Dress

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Hello! How are you dolls! I missss you!! It has been quite a while since my last post. I apologize for the delay, I actually have quite number of posts that I would like to share my thoughts, but due several circumstances, I have to put it on hold. But fret not, it will come soon! Pinky promise!

It is not an easy to be a woman isn’t it? We need to be meticulous in the way we present ourselves, be it internally, as well as externally. The way we greet, we speak, politeness, gracefulness and well-mannered gave respect to us. While, appearances give another credit. First impression impact is crucial. Many girls spend about an hour or more, at least to doll-up, it is all because they wanted to present themselves in the best way possible. We do our makeup, hair styling, accessorizing carefully and choosing the right clothes is the hardest one.

You may have full wardrobe but still you may not feel not enough or it is still not good enough wear it  for that particular day. I know, because I have the SAME problem every time I’m going out, especially on dates. Ya lah, kita perempuan maaa, of course I faham you all.  Women have a practically unlimited choice of dresses to be chose that could build a wardrobe that fits for all occasions all-year long. Choosing the kinds of clothes that suit you best is important to being well-dresses and for you to appear fashionable at all times. However to make these choices you must consider several aspects to make it actually work.

There are plenty of clothes available that suit every girl’s body type and picking the right one will result in creating self-confidence. Today, I will be giving some tips on how to choose the best flare dress. Why flare dress? Because it is my favourite of style, design and cutting. It is simple, elegant, feminine and at the same time, it give you great body shape looking (with nice waistline) in this dress! But how to choose the best flare dress?? There is a guide for you on how to choose the best flare dress design. Well let’s see then!

1. Consider the occasion
The first tip, you have to consider where are you going, what events will you be attending, who will you meeting? How formal it would be? All of these matters, because you do not want to be over dressed. If you are attending an upscale dinner party, stick with a dress with a more conventional cut and always avoid a dress that falls above the knees. Maybe you can go for plain coloured with elegant accessories matching with the outfit. On the other hand for more informal parties, maybe just going out and have fun, a dress with fashionable cuts with lots of funky printed, anything that you would like. Or maybe pair it sneakers or denim jackets. Style it your way!

Look! Kate Middleton in Flare Dress. Example for formal occasion. 

Who says you cannot pair it with sneakers?

2. Get it in your best suited colour.
Get the perfect colour and find a colour that accent your best features. For me, I really like in black or red for formal occasion, because I feel it gives me more elegant and classy look. On the other hand, for casual, I prefer printed flare dress, and I choose any colour I wanted that particular day. Let say, tiba-tiba rasa nak pakai kuning lah, then I’ll wear yellow that day. It all depends yourself. What colour best suited you and highlight you best features.

3. Know your body type.
Knowing your own body type will help you to understand which dress suits you best. This will save you a lot of time when choosing the perfect length too. Every individual has different body shape and length. In my case, I have shorter body but I have longer legs, so it best for me to have longer dresses and me myself preferable to wear dresses length below knee. Just think about it, long and bulky legs pair with short length dress. Urgghhh horror!

See! The right flare dress will flatter you figure and make you look stunning!

4. Consider the fabric.
Last but not least, you have to consider the fabrics. Above all you would want to wear something that is comfortable for you. Get the dress in fabrics that you like. I personally like dress in chiffon material, because it will give you more flare to your dress. And you might want to consider the thickness of the fabrics, especially in the current weather, it really hot nowadays, so choosing the right material is very important. You should spend more to buy quality materials and it will look nicer on your body. The best quality fabric will also help accentuate your curves.

Chiffon Dress - flowy and light-weight material. Very comfortable!

Good fabics will accentuate your curves!

I went through all my old and new pictures and found few which I am donning flare dresses. I actually wear flare dresses quite often, but it seem I unable to find those photos. I don’t know where they are hiding from me. So, here I attached some of example of how I wear flare dresses.

Sorry for the low quality of pictures, these are taken using my phones, not camera. Like I said before, flare dresses can bring the feminine touch to you and highlight your gracefulness. There are days that you would want to wear more boy-ish look with jeans, sweat shirt, varsity jacket with snapback and there are also days, where I wanted to look like a Barbie, princess-ish, feminine look, so I would definitely choose dresses.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you will get benefit from my writing and able to choose the right flare dresses that suited you. May you be able to bring out and Flare your Gracefulness in Flare Dresses. See you soon in the next post dolls!

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