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Product Review: Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleansing Facial Wipes

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Previously I did review on makeup remover of liquid form, but today I will review make up remover wipes! Yeayyy! As I highlighted before, you may wanna look good when you go out but still at the end of the day, you need to take that off from your face as it has done its purpose, now it is needed to be removed or else it will harm your face. You surely don not want to have break out just because you don’t remove your make up right?

Today’s Product Review is

It says at its packaging this product able to remove waterproof makeup and mascara, suitable for all skins and has dermatological tested. Not only that, it has paraben free, lanolin free and alcohol free. Good isn’t it. I have always try to find items which contained paraben free or alcohol free, well it is not easy to find but thank God, this items has three free from harmful items. It also protects collagen reserves, promotes healthier skin and helps to rejuvenate skin as well.

The wipes give light touch to the face without damaging it and as additional including with antioxidant benefits. Whaatttt are you kidding me? This is totally great. Due to its nature’s concentrated power of renewal, it supposed to help you free from daily stress. I mean, of course, no breakout, no discomfort on my face, I would be stress free!!
The ingredient of the products including
Korean Pomegranate fruit extract
Swiss Radicare
French ECOCERT validated fruits and herbal extracts
Bulgarian Rose Water.

The wipes is soft but I can say thick enough to make up comfortable to wipes your face, I would not like it if it so thin and easily torn apart, but this one, I am satisfied. I like the wipes, as it is soaked but not dripping which make me feels easier to wipe off my makeup. Let’s say, scale of 1-10 which 10 is dampest/wettest, I would say I give this and 8 for wet. Definitely no oil or alcohol is detected, neither sticky too, I think it is more like water-based.

How to use it
Very simple, piece of cake! All you need to do to open the seal. Take one of the wipes, wipe off all the dirt and makeup on your face then throw it in the garbage. It did not say if you need to double cleanse it (after remove makeup, need to wash face with facial wash), if you feels like want to do it, it is up to you. But for me it is not necessary, as I don’t feel and oils, or any residue left on my face after I wipe it off with this wipes. If you wear very thick makeup, I suggested that you used more than 1 wipe to make sure all them is gone, but if you just daily makeup or lighter makeup, in my case, I just need 1 wipe is enough already.

My Own Testimony
This is my testimony, I put on my daily makeup products that use, wait for it be dry then I started my test. Amazingly, with 1 time wiping motion, it does removes the makeup, you can refer to the second picture. Then, after about 4 times wiping motion to the makeup, most of them disappeared, however, the red lipstick still stained. But do not worry, I just keep rubbing it with the wipes then the red stain gone.

Can you see the red stain left?
Personal Review:
The scent is very refreshing and relaxing. So it is true it can help you to reduce your daily stress.
Wet enough, easy to use and convenient to bring.
Save cost, you don’t need cotton pad and makeup remover separately, when you have one combined.
It is in water-based and not oil- good especially to those acne prone skin.
I do feel soft skin and smoother textures after it dried.
I don’t think I need to double cleanse or even have to run through my face with water after the makeup removed.

The scent is good actually, but personally, I prefer products with no fragrance. But it is totally personal choice.
It does feel sticky a bit, it is between after you wipe off and you let it to be dried. Once it is dried, you can feel it is smooth texture and soft skin.
However, I've used better make up remover than this, but for instant/wipe off, this will do well. 

The Scent
One of the scent and ingredient in this wipe is made of ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER. Rosa Damascena or also known as Damask Rose which widely used as fragrances, rose water and essential oil. The smell is amazing! Even the flower itself, is stunning!

Thank you for your time and I hope this has help you. Keep coming back, more reviews and tips are coming up. For any products suggestions or any tips that you would like me to try it out, you may do so, just leave your comment okay? Have a nice day!

*Disclaimer: Any products review in this blog are purchase with my own money and no sponsorship or paid review whatsoever unless it is stated. Merely my own experience and opinion on these items. 

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