Big Bad Wolf: Double Trouble 2016

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Hi everyone! How are you? Well usually I will do some product review, but today, I will share where did I went earlier today. Are you in love with books?? I am! Really really love surrounds myself with lots of books (especially new ones).

MAEPS SERDANG – 23 JAN until 1 FEB 2016

Well, reading book is very interesting actually, not necessarily academics, if you like cooking, go and find yourself cooking/recipe books, if you enjoy designing, buy yourself designing/illustration books and enhance your skill. Knock yourself out with books, you can learn so much from reading. Even though that, we have the new media as alternative ways to retrieve information and knowledge, but it could never beat nor replace books. The taste of reading book compared to online reading, in my opinion, I do prefer read books, it gives more pleasurable.

I think everyone knows about Big Bad Wolf, they have these yearly big sales events as well nationwide tour of their sales events. Well, if you do not know, basically, it is one of the biggest book sales. The prices are incredibly cheap, insane prices!! To any book lovers, I am sure you will not miss this opportunity. Now, at the Double Trouble sale, they also selling posters, coolest posters I’ve ever seen with low prices as well. The big poster cost only around RM29.90 each while the smaller size RM19.90. Seriously dude!

Example of Books Available
The discounts to be expect around 75% to 95%, gilee kau!! So average books would be around RM10, RM15, RM25 etc. I suggest that if you wish to go, it is better on weekdays, somewhere morning till before office hour end, you can avoid crowd; less people and you have plenty of time to choose books. The books is categorized and segregated well, so it is easier to browse around. There are bestseller fictions, board books, pictures books, teen interest, cooking/recipe, automotive, interior design, home/garden, beauty books, history, biography and so much more.

See how many books are there?

Books here and Books there!
They also provided with trolleys, then, you do not have to carry all those heavy books while browsing others. They also provided storage area as well. You will get 5% discount off book purchases with Hong Leong Bank Credit/Debit Cards. They also provide discounts for students, all you need to do, to bring your student cards. Not only that, as Big Bad Wolf members, you will be able to get more discounts on discounted books, ex: the books after discounted were RM8 with the membership, it became RM6. It is crazy, right? I sign up for membership during the event and it is FREE for a lifetime.

Model Trolley ye kawan-kawan.
I just can't help myself enjoying all books here. Spend quite few hours, reading, choosing and finally cashing out for some books of my choice. Too many choices, pening cheq nak pilih naaa. 

Posters! After payment, you will go through another section which consists of canvas posters, tin posters, paper posters and pop arts! They are sooo beautiful, I spend another hour checking each one of them, just to make sure I made the right choice. If I could, I would buy quite a few posters (since I'm so bad at deciding), but then, I have to keep my spending within the budget. Sad then, but next time Big Bad Wolf make another event, I will surely get another posters.

Oh ya, another tips, make sure before going, you have planned your budget spending. Let say, your budget is only RM100 for the event, then keep your spending within the budget. It is because, you can get carried away with these lots and lots and lots of books with many genres, titles, authors and interesting contents to choose from. Thus, it helps you from overspending. 

Arghhh too many choices!
Man u? Tempting!
I cannot make any choices here, the pop arts are ridiculously beautiful. 
Some of the Pop Arts example. These cost around RM59.90 each
Finally, These are the books that I bought, nothing academics, since I am now on my semester breaks, I need more fun and relaxing books. These four books supposed to be in RM51 total, but I am surely I paid lesser than RM45. It is due to the Big Bad Wolf membership as well as I am using my student ID card for discounts. 

Annnnddd, I bought myself, a poster! Harry Potter collectors posters. It has all covers of Harry Potter movies. I chose this after battling myself over a few other Harry Potter posters, Star Wars (they are pretty cool- go hurry grab them if you are Star Wars fans) and Decorative Brand posters. But nothing can beat Harry Potter's poster, in the eyes of Harry Potter fans. I really love it. Cannot wait to get it framed and hang it in my room. 

Happy Girl with her fav movie poster
This poster cost only RM29.90 for this SIZE! I am using student ID for discount, then it became RM26.90 including GST. Totally worth it and I'm in love! Hurry, and go serbu Big Bad Wolf, it only last until 1 Feb 2016. You can also follow their social media accounts for more information, latest update and announcement on the next event.

Thank you for your time and I hope this has help you. Keep coming back, more reviews and tips are coming up. For any suggestion, you are most welcome, just leave your comment okay? Have a nice day!

*Disclaimer: Any review in this blogs are purchase with my own money and no sponsorship or paid review whatsoever unless it is stated. Merely my own experience and opinion on these items. 

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