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Product Review: Tarte Holiday Collection! Holidaze: Light of the Party Palette and Stroke of Midnight Brush Set

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Usually on year-end holiday package make up comes with a lot of cute, glamour packaging and attractive. I would not want to miss this opportunity. Went to Sephora and there’s a lot of holiday packaging, rambang mata you’olls!

Today’s Product Review is

Gold and Sequin design of the Tarte’s holiday collection this year gives a luxury look! Make no one would not resist to get one on their vanity table. By the look of its appearances, you may not think that it would contain gorgeous make up inside. One of the reason I bought it, well definitely just because it look so elegant, glamorous and beautiful. I went to many outlet of Sephora to get these babies, but unfortunately, they were sold out, restocked and sold out again. Then I decided to go to Sephora Mid Valley and thank God, they have the stocks! I wait no longer and grab both Light of the Party Palette and Stroke of Midnight Brush Set then straight to get it paid. So let see, whether it is worth my wait and money.


It not only comes in gold and metallic box case also, but the shades in metallic, gold neutral colours too! This palette includes 30 eye shadows including shimmers and mattes, blush, bronzed, double ended brushes and camera lashes 4 in 1 mascara and highlighter. Which totally worth my money! It cost me RM199 for this amazing palette. Definitely worth it. Most of the eye shadows are buttery textures which make it easy to apply plus it is soft, you will definitely like it touches your skin.


Tarte Stroke of Midnight Brush Set is definitely my new favourite brushes. Made of synthetic bristle and the handle is in gold. The usual brush of Tarte handle made of bamboo, which this one gives a little touch of elegant, I must say. The sequin case is marvellous, you can use it as make up pouch for travelling or you can place it on your vanity table which look as equal amazing or maybe you can use it as your clutch. Definitely a stunning touch to your outfit!

The bristle is soft, I like it when I apply my make up using these brushes. It may look heavy or I was expecting it to be heavy but it actually very light. The sets includes Best Selling The Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush (it give full coverage on foundation), concealer, eyeshadow, complexion and fluffy blush brushes. Usually the Airbrush Finish Foundation only cost about RM100++ but you only paid RM175 to get the whole set with the makeup case as well. Definitely a steal!!

I do feel, these purchases are worth my money! Some of us may think this is expensive due to its price, but in comparing of you get from it, it is TOTALLY WORTH the money spend. Well, this set can be for personal reward or even as present to others (maybe your love ones), I am sure they will love it. In my case, I am, as these sets is one of my late birthday presents from my parents. Well I thought when you reach 25 years old you may never get Birthday presents, I guess I still Daddy’s princess. Thank you Daddy! I love them so much.

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