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Catwalk Show: Simply Symbolique Bridal Collection

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I have been slowing down with my modelling activity. But I do consider a few jobs if I do have free time. It is hard to juggle study especially when you are full time Masters students, business and modelling as well. So, I need to prioritise which is more important first. But this year, I did join a catwalk show, it is good to be on stage again after a while.


Bridal Dress by Simply Symbolique
Model By Nurul Shaida Vee Marissa (me)
Make Up Artist by Muhamad Fauziey Abdul Rahman
Event Management by Ungu Violet By JoyHussin
Photo by Edzwan Hafidz & Asfa Karim

Video of the Event

Our Own Photos of the Event
The Deisgner in the Middle

Unfortunately, this is the first time I met Fikri, one of the Male Model of the event, however it is also the last time. The passed away around few weeks after that. May Allah Bless his soul and place him with all Soleh Muslim. Al- Fatihah.

It is really great to have meet you guys and works together as team. It is my pleasure and I hope that we can cooperate in future as well. 

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