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Product Review: Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid

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Going out looking out well with your cute dress matches with your purses and heels, not to forget with makeup you put on your face to complement the look. However, wearing it can also cause your skin to encounter certain problems such as clogging pores, acne and many more. You surely don’t want your any acne breakout or any impurities visible isn't it? Thus, removing the makeup at the end of your day is really crucial. You have to make sure that there is no residue left clogging up your pores to maintain healthy skin. Therefore, finding the right make up remover is indeed vital.

Today’s Product Review is

It is a water-based makeup remover which has been formulated with 1/3 moisturizing beauty serum ingredients. Non-oily, non-greasy and water-based make up remover is assured through this product. The products helps in dissolves long-wearing makeup without tugging and irritating skin. After using the products, the users shall fells their skin moisturised and smoothens. It also have Mild Floral Fragrances contained in the makeup remover.

·         Gel-ish liquid textures.
·         Clear and not foamy consistency.

How to use it
Simple and Easy to use! Dispense around 2-3 pump, and gently massage the liquid onto your face until the makeup “melt”. Then rinse it off.

My Own Testimony
Let's test it! 
Put the liquid on. 

1st trial – all melt and removed except for my mascara.

2nd trial – only a few mascara is remove.

After many attempt, there is still residue left.
Finally my mascara removed after many attempt. It is really hard to remove mascara using this makeup remover. And look, the reddish spot appear in trying so hard to remove it.

Personal Review:
1. Easy to use and convenient

2. Save cot form buying any cotton pad to remove make ups.

3. It does not dry my skin. After rinse it off, I found that my skin feel soft, gentle and comfortable.  Definitely as it claims, no tight sensation.

1. It does not state that, if it need double cleansing methods; which means that once you remove your makeups using makeup remover, rinse it off and clean your face again, only this time with your favourite facial wash.

2. This is not one (1) time remove and you are done. Usually, I need at least 2-3 times of massages to make sure there is no residue left on my face. First, I pump 2-3 times then massage, then rinse off, then I feel that it is not completely clean yet, then I have to pump and message for another session.

3. It claimed that it can remove waterproof mascara effectively, however, I found it, it is really really hard to remove my mascara (which is NOT waterproof mascara)and usually some of the mascara left on my eyelashes which I have to pull it out from my eyelash (not recommended okay!).

4. The liquid when it contacted my eyes, irritate it. I feel like it is burning my eyes and very uncomfortable.

Thank you for your time and I hope this has help you. Keep coming back, more reviews and tips are coming up. For any products suggestions or any tips that you would like me to try it out, you may do so, just leave your comment okay? Have a nice day!

*Disclaimer: Any products review in this blog are purchase with my own money and no sponsorship or paid review whatsoever unless it is stated. Merely my own experience and opinion on these items. 

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