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Have you heard about Coffee Scrub? I heard it’s amazing! Lots of review stated that it does give your skin smoother, brighter and give more glowing effect after using coffee scrub.  Just Google it, everyone is talking about the benefit after using coffee scrubs and they all love it, either in the blog or even in the YouTube page. Well, I would like to try but somehow I find it expensive to buy a readymade ones so then I Google the recipe and I thought this should be easy and fun to make. Then, I went to buy the ingredients and started to make them! The results are amazing!

Here is the Recipe:
It is so easy and these ingredients probably available just around your house. Basically I just estimate the amount of ingredients, depends on how many you would like to produce.

1 cup of Ground Coffee
1 table spoon of Ground Cinnamon Powder
¼ of cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (optional you can just mix with any oil you want)
¼ of Coconut Oil (optional you can just mix with any oil you want) REMEMBER
*since I’m using 2 types oil so I just divide half of ½ cup of oil portion (1/4 cup each oil)
½ cup of Brown Sugar
*make sure you mix all the dry ingredients first, make sure it mix well, then only you add the wet ingredients, and mix all the good things together. Then voila!!!

Glass Jar which only cost RM5 at Daiso
Olive Oil and Coconut Oil for the Liquid Ingredients

Dry Ingredients
Make sure you mix the dry ingredient well first

Then add the liquid ingredients. 

How to apply?
Scrub your desire body part and make sure scrub in CIRCULAR motion towards your heart.
Leave it or wrap your body part (tight, belly, arm) with clear wrapper for around 15-20 minutes, for toned effect.
Rinse it off! Voila!
You can even use it for your face! Scrubs and rinse it off.
Note: Make sure do this in the bathroom as it will get messy. Another tips, for face, make sure you scrub gently okay?

Reasons why these ingredient?
Ground Coffee
Coffee is known as rich in antioxidants, contain anti-inflammatory ingredient, and caffeine which helps dry out excess moisture on your skin. The caffeine is also beneficial in reducing cellulite where it tighten and firming skin through dehydrate the fluid in the cellulite areas. The results give temporarily tighter and firmer. Not only that, the Ground coffee also helps in stimulate blood flow and circulation. So, all you need to scrub in circular motion with movement towards your heart. The ground coffee also acts as mild exfoliate as it removes dead skin cell and expose the skin to absorb other benefits form the rest of the ingredient in this scrubs.  

Ground Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon function is not only limited to additional flavour in various of cuisines but it also can help in boosting your beauty. There are several researches being conducted all over the world about the benefits of cinnamon for diabetes, hair loss, cholesterol, memory, arthritis, skin and more. (go Google it, for more info). Cinnamon helps in clearing any bacteria in your skin. It also can improve fine lines by plump the skin as it can stimulate blood vessel and bring blood to the surface of the skin. You can feel it after the scrub, I did feel that. Cinnamon also can be used to treat eczema and acne, reducing aging signs and also functioned as antiseptic in healing wound.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive oil is popular with loads of benefits. In term of skin, it gives moisturizing, cleansing, and protecting the skin. A perfect moisturizer especially to the dry skin texture and olive oil also able to regenerate skin tissue and regular usage can maintain the skin in smooth and soft at the same time keep it firm. The oil can also be used as natural make up remover! The best thing about olive oil is that, it can penetrate the skin and help different layers of skin as you know, stretch marks locate underneath the outer layers of our skin, thus olive oil able to help reducing stretch marks. The antioxidants present in olive oil- hydroxytyrosol along with the vitamin E help in preventing cell degeneration in your skin, thus preventing premature aging skin.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is one of my favourite oil! It does give miracle to my hair and my eyelash – read my Tips Lebatkan Bulu Mata dengan Natural Ingredients. It’s incredibly moisturizing and filled with vitamins and minerals, which it locks securely into your skin. Coconut oil contain lots of Vitamin E, as many aware that the contributions of vitamin-E towards skin care are well known. It is essential for healthy skin growth, repair the skin, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking. It also help preventing aging and wrinkling of the skin, due to it antioxidant properties. Coconut oil also rich in many protein which help in rejuvenate skin internally and externally. Above all, it the benefit of this oil is undeniable!

Brown Sugar
Brown sugar gives you a radiant, clean and healthy skin. Sugar contain glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is vital for maintaining healthy skin and usually found as key ingredient in pricey product. It is not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protect it from toxins. Not only that, it also cleanse well and avoid clogging skin which will helo in reducing acne or further breakout. Why is it I choose brown sugar instead of just a normal sugar? Because, brown sugar is gentler to the skin, thus it is suitable for the sensitive skin like mine. If you do not have brown sugar, just use your regular sugar.

There are many more benefits each of these ingredients, do Google it for more elaborate explanation and benefits. All ingredients are natural so what are you waiting for, get pamper of yourself!

 Let’s talk about the benefits of this FABULOUS COFFEE SCRUB!

I’ve made it and I’ve used it! Yeayy. Oh my, first of all, it smell damn good! I really feel like I’m going to eat it, nyum nyum, it smell so good. Oh no no, save it for your skin Vee. In my own opinion, the scrub quite coarse for my skin, I think. So, I am suggesting that when you scrubbing, please do it gently or else you are going hurt yourself. Another thing, this coffee scrub does get messy, so, I would advise you to do it while you are showering. It will go everywhere, trust me! After rinse the scrub off my face and arms, I do feel my skin plumping. I guess it blood is circulating, and I can feel the blood is going up to my skin surface. In terms of moisturizing, yeah, it does moisturize, not too much but I would say, it just enough moisture to my skin, which is good though. The best part, my favourite, my skin feels really smooth! I love it! I love it so much. I’ve tried a few scrub before, but most of them are drying out my skin and it really feels uncomfortable. I am definitely going to keep this as one of my beauty routine starting today!

Cost of making this scrub?
Ground Coffee RM 17.20
Ground Cinnamon Powder RM 1.90
Extra Virgin Olive Oil RM 13.90
Coconut Oil Couldn’t remember but I think somewhere around RM12
Brown Sugar RM 2.15
Jar RM 5 each

For only around RM50 as total cost of buying the all the ingredients, now I can make even more coffee scrubs rather than buying the one’s readymade (around 1 jar only, now I can make more jars! Yayyyy!), definitely cheaper and save cost! For the voluminous benefits with low cost, this DIY Coffee scrub does win!

Additionally, you can add a bow and some notes as present to your friends or family. Surely they will like this damn good beauty item! You can give to your girlfriends on your slumber party or even on your bachelorette party or any occasion! Plus it is fun to make!

If you made this recipe, please let me know, you can leave your link or you can tag me in Instagram @veemarissa

Good luck ladies! 

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  1. Hi, may i know what kind or brand of coffee you used?

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