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Hai dan Assalamualaikum
Have you ever dream what kind of house would you want? What kind of room you would have and what kind of design would you choose to suit with your preferences and style?

I do think about it a lot! Yeah, semua orang ada impian, salah satu impian Vee, to have my own house so that I could design it by myself, the exterior and the interior as well. I really love doing all this, choosing furniture, placing all the stuff, so one can have a suitable, comfortable and beautiful home to live in it! Sometimes people might just want to have a simple house so that when they got home, they will feel relaxing, some want it to look grand, it depends in individual actually.

But I always think that when I have my own house i would have my own Walk In Closet. One of the reason why, as girl being a girl, we shopped and buy many clothes, shoes, bags and acessories though at the end of the day, when you got home, you have no space to put it in, then you get scolded by your mom, because your room too messy and you have a lot of stuff! It happen to me, where my handbags and my shoes are most of them still in the boxes, no space to place it. And that is why I wanted my own closet! So that every morning, I wake up, take my shower and walk in to my closet choosing what to wear, no need to figure our what in what boxes anymore. I can just choose and mix and match!
Wake up in the Morning! Hello Sunshine!

Then walk to this beautiful, amazing bathroom!
Have your own sweet time
When you finished, you walked into this closet to find your clothes, bags, heels, shades and other stuff too wear!
Like This Closet!!

If and only if I have a closet like this.. Heaven! I could put all my heels at one place and all my clothes and my acessories as well as my hanbags, cluthes and so many more!
Celebrities usually people with so many things to keep, heels and shoes most of them.
Okay now, let's see what kind of closet celebrities have?
Christina Aquilera's Closet

Amazing right! So beautiful!Especially heels rack with ladder.
Kardashian Sisters

Mariah Carey

Kimora Lee Simmons

 Shoe!! Shoe!!
Miley Cyrus


Eva Longoria

And Paris Hilton

Gorgeous!! ^_^

So, do you have any idea what kind of closet would you want?
A modern look, a vintage one, a sweet closet or a messy walk in closet?
Whatever you choose, most importantly you need to have some tips to keep your closet nice and comfortable to look for your things!

Tips for Walk In Closet

  • Arrange things according to the type, colour, brand whatever you like it
  • Make it easier to find when you need.
  • Always put it back where you take.
  • Always clear out your closet.
  • Designate specific area for specific stuff.
  • Make it like the store you love the most, make it attractive!
  • Add details that represent you such as colours or things you like.
  • Then if you have cabinets, make sure you have suitable compartment for your stuff, for example jewelry cases.
  • Maximize the room to possibilities, so that in future if you buy some more, there is space to put it.
  • Put a mirror, best if you can have a one that is the same height as you are.

I think that will do! ^_^

What kind of Walk in Closet I dreamt of?

 I love a Elegent, and Sweet type of walk in closet.

Then I will have chandelier in it, mirror and a cozy sofa.

I also want to have my own make up station in the closet.

hehe. I know, this is soooo dreamy! Hope I'm going to get it one day. Enough with this entry, Chow.. Nak buat kuih raya. ^_^ See ya!
Take Care

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