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Photoshoot Kebaya Heritage

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Hai dan Assalamualaikum
Thanks to Incik Baha who invited me to this outing. It has been awhile we planned this photoshoot, but due to the improper time, we have been postponed it. At last we maanage to do the shoot even I have fever still went for the shoot and having fun with them 
I miss photoshoot so much, but I'm in the middle of the semester so, I can't active much in modelling. But if I have the chances, of course I'll go for it!
Here the pictures of the photoshoot.
Thanks to:
Riza Kay (Make Up Artist)
Incik Baha (organizer & photographer)
Aman Wan (photographer)
Papa Razi (photographer)
Pak Karim Junoh (photographer)

from Aman Wan

From Pak Karim

From Papa Razi

Thanks to Red Click for the group photo

Thanks to all! Love you.. Will update soon!
Take Care

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