Holiday as Reward for My Effort

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Hai dan Assalamualaikum
Today I would like to tell you about my holiday during my semester break. It has been a long time, me and my family did not go for holiday, so my mom and I decided to go to Port Dickson. It is not much but it’s everything! hehe I would not change or trade for anything to have a quality mother - daughter time with my ahso. So we decided to go, at first I thought of asking Nenek to join us, but she refuse to go and she would rather to stay at home, so at last it just me and my mom.
 We went to Port Dickson without a plan. We did not book a hotel nor plan to stay anywhere. But suddenly my mother asked me, which hotel would you want to stay Avillion? Thistle? or Lexis? So, I asked her, wow such expensive options, but I don't know, I just want a place that is cosy and have a splendid pool, because I want to swim!
 Then my mom drove straight to Thistle. By the way, three to four years ago Thistle is used to be Gouman but they changed their name. But it is still the same management. And the room and the hotel are absolutely stunning. This international hotel will not disappoint any one who came!
So let’s take a look at the hotel!
This is the inside of the hotel! Great isn't it??

Okay, above is the picture of pools at the hotel. Great isn't it? The first picture is the main pool which is really deep, I captured it from my room. It is really big, the depth is between 1.5 feet to 2.0, but there is one part for kids which also have slide,  thus it is deep! The second picture above is the second biggest pool at the hotel, it has water slide also, suitable for kids! If you bring your children here, I bet they will enjoy it much! The third picture is the Cumulus pool. This pool is my favourite! Definitely, because it is near to the beach, you can swim, or enjoy yourself at the jacuzzi while enjoying the beach scenery. The scenery cannot be compare to any other! And the last picture is their great jacuzzi, it super relaxing and spacious...

This is the hotel lobby.
Beside their great pool, this five star hotel also have other water sports that you can enjoy, gymnasium, luxury spa, golf course, go cart, and the SWAT camp, movie rooms, games rooms and indoor games for you fill up for time and enjoy the fve star facilities. Not forget their delicious food at their restaurant.

Okay enough with the hotel, now lets take a look for me and my mom picture while we at Thistle!

   Me in their beautiful toilet... hahah *toilet pun boleh!

 my ahso.. Love you!

 Antiknya ahso!

Done posing, so now let look at our pictures, what we were doint there.. hehe

Ahso Relaxing!

There is a story behind this picture. My mom brought me here because I said I wanted to swim but I did not expect that we would go to the 5 star hotel instead. So, I did not bring my swimming attire, when I asked the life guard if I can swim if I'm not wearing one, they did not allow me. I was disappointed. Then, my mom bought me a swimming top, she said she could not stand to look at me disappoint when my main intention to go to holiday is to swim. Thanks mom! I love you so much, you did sacrifice so many things for me..

lepaking while enjoying the scenery

They have a clean beach! totally thumbs up!

hahaha I look like I was 15 years old! Miss this look..

Okay that's all. This encourage me to study more harder so that I could experience like this in future!

Love you all readers!

Take Care

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  1. ohh..seriously.. nice pic..
    terutamanya yg pic ke 10! 0_o

    n gud luck for this sem yea.. fightin3!!

  2. thanks babe... really2 appreciate it... masih blaja lagi gne dslr..


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