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Vee Dalam Magazine again- Media Hiburan

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Hai dan Assalamualaikum
Okay malam ini Vee nak update tentang my modelling life. Dah lama kan Vee tak post gambar-gambar from my modelling shots. I'm quite busy with my studies and being as Masscommers really requires my time to focus, but fret not, I'll be back active in modelling and pursue my dream this semester break. Even now I'm looking any available shot for me!
This Month, January, I've got a phone call from KarangKraf and they told that I was selected for Pencarian Remaja Berbakat, And I was shocked! Aik? Macam dah lupa, and I asked him, Sorry I didn't hear you? Then he said that, I sent a application for it, and I don't even remember it! haha Silly me!
Okay we had this a very long chit chat and all. And he told me that it will be publish in January 2012, Media Hiburan. So I was waiting when it will be publish, so eager to see the article (nampak tak sabar) Dushhh..
I went to almost 5-6 stores to look for it, but I failed to find the magazine and I was morale down already. I went to all books store and  any store that possibly selling magazine in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam by walking, (nampak effort?) Then, came my hero (cheewaahh.... nak bagi puji sikit!) , brought me to the other stores at Ole-Ole seksyen 18, but still I couldn't get one. We've even went to MPH to look for it. Finnally we found it at Jusco! Phew! It is really hard to get a copy of it. Alhamdulillah, I got not only one but two!
You wanna see it?
Okay... Done with this entry!
Take Care

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  1. huiyooo..hebat nye dia...pewittt..follow kamu


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