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Hai dan Assalamualaikum
Vee try sedaya upaya nak update okay?
 Now, Vee tengah focus on my finals exam. I have to prove to my family that I can do well in Mass Comm, tapi banyak pahit getir dan kesusahan yang I alami, thanks to my beloved best friend forever in the whole universe, My MOM, for always believe in me and support me, become my strengh and keep me together so that I won't give up.

Another special to him, thanks for everything, you've help me in every way that I could not imagine it, you are so diffent and so unique. You've been there when I'm about to fall, you will be there, help me, support me and most importantly you have been my saviour. Thanks so much. Without both of you, I might have already giving up for life, we've been through many obstacles and hard times, we've thought all solutions that we could have think of, and I may not repay of what both of you have done to me, not even until teh end of my life. I do not how am I going to express more I appreciate both of you being the closes one to me. All that I can say is, Thank You.

I think 2011, is the hardest year for me, I've been through many things before but I can't compare how heart breaking I was, and How suffer I was to proceed my routine everyday. There is always something come in between in everything I did, studying, enjoying or even spending my time for living. But yet, now I am here. Still surviving. It is so hard, that I even thought that I want to quit everything, EVERYTHING. So, I just want to share, if you guys got any problems that you think is too much for you too handle, I also felt the same way, but believe that, how hard it this, Allah just testing you, because HE knows how strong you are, if succeed there will rewards and smile that could replace ALL THE TEARS THAT YOU HAVE SHED FOR.

I'm still struggling, still keep solving my problems one by one, but still there are many came as well, but I have to be strong for my mom and for the persons who believe in me, and I will keep find solutions for my problems, I cannot run from it, so are you. Come on and be strong!

I'm having my finals weeks, I hoping that my mind is clear so that I can study and do well in my examinations. Pray for me that I can do well and I can have a peace of mind so that I will not be distracted. Your help is very meaningful to me. Thank you so much. Love you all truly from the deepest of my heart.
Take Care and Thank You for Reading.


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