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Hai dan Assalamualaikum
Syukur alhamdulillah, Tadi berakhirlah paper bagi First semester as Bachelor . Studying was fun and enjoyable. I can't compare it to any other courses, I like and I love it, and most of all, I'm proud of being who I am. Because I've reached this far.
It is not like I can't take it to pursue in Bachelor in Accountancy. I wanted to have the feeling excitement studying something that you like. The happy feeling and the excitement when you like something and you learn something something because you basically wants the knowledge, but not the scroll. I believe that I can do this well.

Most of people have this stereotyping about Mass Comm. They always think that being a Mass Comm cannot bring you any further, It is not a professional course and It is wasting time. And I also believe many people think that studying Mass Comm is an easy course. BUT! You are WRONG!! It is not like anything that you thought of. From what I've learnt, it is not an easy course, if you do not interested in this course then better don't take it at all, it need you to focus 170% on it. You have to give it all out. It requires you to study the past technologies, media and communications and you also have to keep up to date to the current one. You have to do alot of watching news, movies, reading books and magazine. Update yourself in many ways.

Studying about relationship. We might think it is an easy task to answers but it is not. No one is perfect in the relationship not until you know how to evaluate your own actions, emotions, perceptions.. People used to think that they had done things correctly, but life is a continuous studying process. Even as Mass Comm student, I cloud compared it to more logical items + memorizing MANY terms + update current knowledge + literate of past history, and relate everything and voilà! Being Mass Comm the timing, is really odd, I have to reschedule my time again. Find time where I need to have my personal time and my time to enjoy. Besides that, I did have many experiences, gain more friends, be more mature, responsible and be a better person each day. We did have to go out most of the time, to complete our papers and It was fun, but it was not easy.
So, most of my friends from Business School were always wondering, why am I so busy and only now they know, it is not an easy course. So people! WAKE UP!
Alhamdullilah. Even though I've been through many barriers to complete this precious first semester. From the day I've got the call the interview up until to this particular day; whereas my lappy total loss, my camera problems when I need it the most and other problems. I am proud of who I am, I proud that I can go through every single of it, and manage to be here today. I did thought of giving up, and I can't possibly count how many times I cried so bad because of the problems. Thanks to all people who keep me going, who keep me smiling and people who keep entertain me, support me and be with me all the times. I appreciate so much. Thanks for everything. Allah takes something from me, and give all of you to me. Grateful that I have all of you.. ^_^

Thanks Mom, Ainul Hafzan, Farah Hazwani, Hanan, Ismail, Nabil, Fahmi, Amin, My girls, My Classmates MC227, and to all my friends (sorry ramai pulak nak sebut, dah malam-malam otak dah pending jap...)
 Love Ya~~
Take Care

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