Rollerblade, Archery, Bowling and Karaoke in One Day

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Hai dan Assalamualaikum.

Entry ni sepatutnya dah lama update, tapi maaflah, hari tu, lappy problem and broadband pun buat hal. So banyak lah entry yang tertangguh. Ada lah satu hari yang Vee dah tak tahu hari ape, Vee dengan dua orang kawan baik Vee sejak dari sekolah menengah lagi, decided to go out and spend time together. Before this, we had plan many things, but due to certain problem, it cannot be proceed. Then, we come out with other plan. 

It's actually a hangout day to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday. We decided to go to Times Square.Have some lunch and do some birthday celebration. Sorry Nan, it just a simple celebration, but Happy Birthday Dear.

After that, Mael, Nan and I went to try new activity. Usually, we will watch movies, but I told them "dah nak muntah tengok wayang untuk bulan ni, tak nak, movies reject!" So, Hanan suggested that we went for Archery. I did try it once before, but I couldn't remember it. Haisyo... Banyak makan semut. Actually, playing archery is not that hard actually, it just a simple game, that need you to stay focus an relax. And I suggest to those who want to release their tension they should try it! My shots was everywhere, while my two brothers were doing well. Urghh!! Tak boleh jadi nie. This is my nature, when I am in the game, I'll make sure that I win, but if I'm not, haaaa masam muncung je muka, but if I win, I could smile even people from 100 yards from me can see it. Finally, my last arrow was hit on the yellow area! Hoye! 

If you want to try it, Archery is at 5th Floor Times Square in front of the list near the McD and Bowling.

After archery, (our hands already hurt at this time, you should warm up first if you want to try it, we didn't rest our arm, but instead we were playing bowling!!) Memang cari pasal. I couldn't remember how many frames that we played, But i think we played for two games, haisyo, kena makan kismis kuatan ingatan ni, and I went the second place for those games, Cet! Hanan won! Tak pe, bagi peluang pada birthday boy. Still tak nak mengaku diri sendiri dah kalah tu.

Tak cukup dengan kesakitan ditangan. We went to Sungai Wang to try another new activity! Rollerblade! I can't possibly describe how excited I was!! I've always wanted to try this. But at last, Nan bring me to try it out!! Jatuh, tergolek, terlentang jangan cakap, hundreds of time. But I try to make it. Until I gave up because my legs cramp and my toes already bruise. With some information that I've found, by rollerblade or ice skating will make your body in shape and will make you lose your weight. Isn't it exciting. So, I went to ask my mom if I can go to the class, but my mom doesn't allowed it. Nak tahu kenapa tak?? That evening, my body was ache all over. I stand up so straight like I was going to sing the National Anthem, I walked like a robot, even I have to sleep like one, Static! Urgh!! It's killing me!  And it went for a week!!! I even went to holiday in Langkawi with my body still hurt. But it worth it, because like Mael said, rollerblade teach us to keep going on no matter what or if not we will never go foward. It is true.

Then our last activity of the day, we went for karaoke. This is my favourite part, we were singing and laughing. That specific moment, I just want to freeze the time and keep it forever. We were singing "Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai" together, sambil put our heads on each other shoulder. Sweeeett kan?  At this time, I could picture all the memories we have.

Tak lengkap lah kalau entry Vee tak tunjuk gambar kan? 

Masa ini di hadapan tempat Archery.

With Mael, kawan gaduh masa sekolah, yang dulu satu sekolah fikir we're having something special relationship. Even almost semua orang kat selayang ni fikir, I'm with him. But we're not, cause we are best friends and brother and sister!

 Skema kan muka Vee!! hahah Rabun ayam! 

 Nan and I. Orang yang selalu berada sisi dan menolong ketika susah dan orang selalu back up Vee balik kalau kena buli ngan Mael! hearts hanan! 

 Sweet kan hanan edit kan gambar-gambar 2.. Okay statement diatas tu, hahah kitaorang dah biasa sangat dengar, orang memang selalu salah faham. kami kawan baik dan kami adik beradik. =)

They are the people that I care so much. They are my brothers, my best friend, my enemy sometimes, my family and my heart. No matter what happen, I want this relationship stay like this and I just want to say I that love both you very much. They were there during my hard times and they were the ones who always encourage me and advice me to do what more importance and what is good. Those years cannot be replaced. I'm glad that I met both of you, and I'm thankful that I have two brothers even though biologically they are not mine, that they always back up me and always support me, no matter what I want to do. These kind of friends, you don't look for them, you don't create but you earn them. Look around you today, you'll see who is always there for you and tell me, that you love them today!~ Sarangae!!

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  1. haha... cool-lah :)
    sakit2 badan pun berbaloi..

    HB hanan!! mael?dah berabad tak jumpe.

  2. yes dear..
    kita adalah sahabat, adik beradik, musuh dan teman sejati...

    sophea: open house umah ak datang k...

  3. yes dear..
    kita adalah sahabat, adik beradik, musuh dan teman sejati...

    sophea: open house umah ak datang k...

  4. alolo.sweetnya korg :)

    ok insyaAllah dtg punya =)

  5. Sophie: hahaha taw xpe. skunk dah jd feveret ak dah pun!

    mael: love ya!!! huhu


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