Pre Graduates Night

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Hai dan Assalamualaikum

I want to share a story that I should have write it long ago. Basically, today, I have nothing to instead of focusing on my lappy and my blog. Because I know once I started my course at UiTM next month pursuing my degree, I won't have much time to write to you. So I'm going to put all my effort to finish all my draft before I continue my study. Speaking of Degree, finally, my family agreed for me to take Masscom, they even talked to UiTM about the course that they offered me. They told them that, Interpersonal Communication is new course in UiTM, and they also said that there will be lots of prospect and future job in the future. In addition, this course is actually minor in Public Relation. So, I decided to try it out! Wish me luck!!

Okay now get back to the title above! Pre Graduates Night! Now, Vee sudah pun bergelar seorang graduan Diploma UiTM. Lately, I've been missing Segamat so much. I just can't believe that I did actually spend 3 years, through hard and nice time struggling and learn about life there. And I miss berpuasa and berbuka in Segamat, especially, with my juniors and Air Katira of course! 3 tahun bergelar pelajar Diploma Perakaunan di Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Kampus Segamat, Johor dan 3 tahun menjadi penghuni di ZAMRUD!! I miss zamrud so much. During the night, those girls will go doors by doors selling their products, promoting and get to know each other. The only kolej which the student still screaming and laughing out load at 3-4 am. There's just so many memories!

In my last semester in UiTM, there is one event called Pre Graduates Nights. This is actually a grand dinner to celebration students who will grad soon. I really really wanted to go, this is once in lifetime (probably). So, I do not plan to miss it. But, at that time, there's just so many obstacles to handle. Until, I did gave up to go. But these two people who always stand by side encourage me. Then, gives me an idea to bring them both. But, unfortunately I just could bring one. *reason? adalah*

It was hectic Friday, early in the morning I was running to Segamat's bus station, I was rushed to KL, then meet my mom at her office then meet my two dearie at LRT  and straight to Malacca. Thanks to Farah who keep me awake while I'm driving. As soon as we got there, we're heading to hotel because we're planning to stay there for the nights instead of going back, cause I know it's going to be late. After we check in, I change my clothes as fast as I can and I rush to the hotel where they have organize and events for us to join, and it is compulsory (even though so many didn't come).

Then the dinner is actually at 8pm. We're getting ready and we went to the dinner. I was late that night but I have fun. We're taking pictures and enjoy the night. But the most important is, I could spend my PGN with my best friend. She's actually doing fast track, before she was the same batch with em, but she chose to do the fast track continue in degree, so actually by that time, she's is no longer a segamat's student. But I was lucky that alin didn't want to go, I ask her to use her name to bring Farah. And I so happy she was there with me that night. Actually, I really really appreciate that night because my two dearie was there to help me and be with me for that night. Thank you because you have been my strength.

Kawan2 seperjuangan.

Batch Accouting!

With Freeze!

dengan si budak pandai! 

Roomate saya!

Kawan dari sekolah sampai UiTM.

The Zamrudians

with Zairin

With Atiq

With C-ra

With Melor

After dinner, we went to Jonker Walk, but it has closed! So, jalan-jalan sajalah!! Kehkehkeh..

 Me with Farah and the cutest dragon!

 Ape lah budak buat dengan meriam.

Thank you for helping me that day! 
Okay that's it! 
Take Care

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  1. congrats dear. happy graduation! and selamat menyambungkan pelajaran!
    i wish u all the best for ur future undertaking.

    p/s : your welcome. xoxo. =)


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