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I can't possibly describe How much I need you
Neither can I be apart from you
Keep you in mind and in words
Staying close to the heart
Only I know How much you mean to me

Been through together in bittersweet of life
But I'm proud of us because we're still standing here
Side by side, holding each other no matter the consequences
I was lost but you found me
I was scare but you said "It's okay"
I was crying hard but you said "Cry on my shoulder, I'm here with you"
and when everytime I face the life
You were there to hug me

I don't know how to express my feelings
I feel thankful that I met you
I feel secure that I have you
or at least now 
I'm happy when I'm with you

Dear, if this is the end of my journey,
I want you to that your presence is priceless
How much I appreciate that I met you
I couldn't pay you back all the kindness you've given to me
Thank you....
I want both us be strong and we leave it to Allah,
Insyaallah this is Ramadhan, miracle could happen
I hope we still holding each others' hand
Keep strong and face it together because you are strength.

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