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Hai everyone.. I've been longing to post this entry. For months ago. Okay, lately, lots of things happen, and I don't get a chance to join any photoshoot activity cause by few unfortunate events. But I believe, all this is just a test from Allah. Insyaallah, there will be more. And lately, I miss my junior soo much, especially, Dian and Ekien. I miss both of you!!! sooo much! <3. 

So today, I'm going to share one of my photoshoot pictures that was taken at Plaza Angsana, Johor Bharu a few months ago. 

It was a pleasure staying with Ekien's family, I had fun and felt like I was one of them. When I was at JB, We went to shopping, mind relaxing treatment! hehe. So I did went to one of the photoshoot held there. 

Baju telah disponsor oleh junior saya: Ekien, simply siti and Newlook Photography.
Yang dibawah ni, Vee try my luck again edit myself. =) 

done with this entry! see ya soon readers!

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