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Okay, now nk story, I got another Lip Ice Mail! the other day. I joined a Sos program ( tak ingat sgt la the exact name) from LipIce Malaysia Facebook Page. Actually, it's a application of editing, Upload your picture that you love and have sentimental value as for me and following the steps provided, the start edit, you can stamp, change wallpaper and edit it to make it soooo GIRLISHHHH! and I did make mine...=) 

Gambar ni with my kembar aka BFF. I miss you babe. 
The picture was taken during the Pre-Graduates Night was held at Equotorial Hotel, Melaka.  

I did make another one, but I didn't get a chance to save it, sorry geng. =) (Sophie, Nik Tim, Amal and Ame)

Do you want to see what did I get???


Dapat Mini Lipice Strawberry, actually according to LipIce, This product belum ada dipasaran! and I'm Happy! Tak sangka dapat, buat main-main je. =) 

p/s: tggu vee update lagi eh? =) till then, Take care! 

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