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Media Hiburan: Remaja Pilihan

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Okay.. Tak perlu lah cerita kan betapa excited nya Vee, bila dapat call one day masa tengah shooping @ Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka yang I get in the magazine. A slot about me!! ohh! This is a dream comes true. Actually tak ada lah baru-baru sangat, lama jugak (tapi tak la lama sangat) just baru nk update.

Interview through calls je, we talk and talk n laugh and talk, serious time then back to laugh and sharing and expressing and I'm giving my details and the results are in the article!

Ini slot Remaja Pilihan dari Majalah Media Hiburan. Gambar tak lah gempak but I'm happy.. It's my first  time, and hope there's more coming! =) 

p/s: It's pink okay! =) 

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