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Photoshoot: First Time Experience

9:13:00 PM,4 Comments

Wuhoo. My first time doing the photoshoot. It a day, yang Vee demam, keluar with my besties, jalan-jalan and shopping, and meet Uncle Bizcots and suddenly, dia suh make up kan Vee and join the rest photoshoot skaly. Wah! Mewah nya hidup... Bak kata roomate Vee, Untunglah.... 

So I just nak share, my photoshoot pictures. 

Makeup & Hairdo : Nateery Portman (Mia Eery Imanie)
Photographer: MAQS Photography

Di temani, Sophie and Nik Tim.. Guys rindu korang... Thanks teman for my first time shoot. I'll remember it for ever! 

and this one credit to my besties, Sophie and Nik Tim! 

Lots of Love,

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  1. hehe.. nk sign? sebelum ko femes n bakal ganti tiz.. :D

    no biggies-lah..u r welcome ~~

  2. amboi! bukan naik lagi ko eh... hahah

  3. best experience :DD
    best nye !!

  4. indeed dear... =) but i didn't do so well...


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