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Lip Ice Shimmering Lips Contest

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Lip Ice Shimmering Lips Contest!

So the other day, Vee saw there is contest from Lip Ice Malaysia, di fan page Facebook, so then I decided to join the contest. They ask to submit picture of shimmering lips, then I did sent two pictures submit to wall Lip Ice Malaysia Page! and I won!!! Hoye!!! Even though I already have the Shimmer Lip Ice that I got from the Tea Party as a free gift but then I still enter the competition. Saja-saja.

Here is the pictures that I submitted.

Then Vee dapat confirmation that I win through Facebook. Here it is! 

Yeay! The feeling of winner is something that I can't compare of! So it is true as Choi min ho has said it! During the mid term break last week I got my present! Yang dapat masa Tea Party Lip Ice hari tu pun tak guna lagi, (satu beg kertas dapat) ni dapat agi. Thanks Lip Ice!

There my prize! =) 

p/s: thank you Lip Ice! the entry for Tea Party will come soon okay! my lappy rosak, all the pictures are inside the lappy..

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1 comment:

  1. hye2.. nk gak satu lip ice?? ehhe
    anda d tag.. cepat join ;)


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