11 April 2010 - She said she loves him.

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They are going out that night,
Eventhough, just going out to eat McD,
But yet it romantic as she dreamed of,
That night the moment that she waited arrived.

In his car all the way going back,
He ask for her hands
To be his special one; officially
She is so happy,
She didn't smiling in front of him,
God know how happy she is,
and yet,
She says, I love to!

She holds his hands,
Felt so weird,
Different than those days,
Sparks I assume, she monologue I Think I'm in Love!

She is not in love,
She is now officially his,
and she hope that they will last forever,

Life isn't perfect as we dreamed of,
She hope that "that person" never come again for her hands,
So she wouldn't have to choose again,
Cause she will not have the courage to make the choice AGAIN!!

She loves him,
and loves him only,
Let this time, her fairy tales come true.

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