Second day in Melaka.

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The second day, start with strolling around Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan again. Then we went to the Istana Kesultanan Melaka which actually closed the day before. This time I went inside the palace.

My mummy exhausted!! Poor my mum!

Here! My dear boyfriend and my sister! Ahaks! En. Sahrom and Puan Roshidah.

In front of the Palace.

I’m in the Balairung Seri. The one in yellow outfit statue right behind me is the Sultan and all the minister of Melaka.

I’m looking at the garden in front of the Palace. It’s so beautiful. Heheheh. For while I thought that I’m the princess in the Palace. Hahaha.

This is the car which brought the Declaration of Independence. Own by Tunku Abdul Rahman. A very nice, sporty and cute Chevrolet car by the way. Hehehe. i used to take one picture here when i was 11 years old with my friends n teachers.

Here, look! My dad and my mum copying my action while in front of camera. They keep make that joke until my face turns red then they have their turn to laugh out loud.

I love the flower!!! They are so beautiful! I’m so thrilled.

Here I’m at the garden called Taman Larangan. I read that, those times this garden was the most beautiful garden ever. It used to be the place for the Sultan to have his rest. When I’m in the garden I tried to view how it could be more beautiful than this, how it would look like at that particular year. Sure! The garden looked so calm, beautiful n look like heaven.

Vee still in the garden. Behind me is the Palace and right below-behind me there is a small pond and water fountain but it did not work out that day.

Capture by Mr. Sahrom.

I really love the flower!!!!!!

Also capture by Mr. Sahrom.

Me and my mummy in front of the Palace.

Even though it’s only bougainvillea but it so beautiful!!! I love here! The flowers so gorgeous!

Me and Starbucks?? Hahaha.. Cannot keep us apart! I love the drinks only! Mocha blended coffee please. Hehehehe.

Mummy!!! Wait for me la ah-so! Hehehehe…

I really really admire the water feature in the Dataran Pahlawan. There are a lot fish!!! Kap fish in big size and more they are very tame. The one in my house is small compared the one in this mall.

The weather is so hot. The temperature was like in the oven! Haha. See my mum can’t wait to get inside.

My new head accessory! Thanks mummy bought for me. It suits my vest! Hehehe. Love it! I want it since I was in school, for about 2 years ago….

Eyes on Malaysia aka Melaka!!!! A very nice view up here because it facing the sea.

This is the one the view from up here!!

Dad with the same hat as mine. The only difference is the colour of it.

Love the experience. I love came to Melaka. I had so much fun. Especially the Eyes on Malaysia, Menara Taming Sari which has the great view at night, The River Cruise also, the shopping part also and the Jonker walk. Love it!!!

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