Where is my post it note?

8:11:00 PM Vee Marisa 2 Comments

Where is it? Uurgh!! Panic!!

Drama Queen tol la minah ni kan? Post it note je.. Pe lah nak kecoh sangat? kan?

Anyway, I really love notepad and coloured pen. I think it is became handy stationary to me. Without my post it note, sure that is something wrong with me-=p

Entahla, nak katakan obses sangat dengan kertas kuning dengan pen kanak-kanak yang berwarna-warni tu (stabilo pen) tak de la sangat. Cuma, I really love to write something, anything yang terlintas dalam kepala saya ni terus supaya I tak lupa. Maklum lah, ramai kata I have short-term memory lost kan?

Well actually, it is good for you to write any important thing so that you can organized your things and date perfectly, and for me, I love to write it down on the Post-It-Note and later i transfer it to my organizer.

My organizer is my life, without it, I can do nothing at  all. O have put on date and thing I have to do.

Bila datang idea nak tulis blog macam ni lah jadinya.. huhu


  1. there'll always be one thing that u won't ever forget kan dear? =)


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