Hilton Hotel turns to my worst presentation

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Well, last Thursday, on 11th March 2010, that day I have presentation. My assignment is about Hilton hotel’s new marketing strategies. I did my best, I memorized it but before I come to the class, my sixth sense told me I’ll not do good presentation that day. I was wishing that day will end faster and I won’t have to present that day. But, as I expected, I had to present that day though. Tangan dah sejuk, kaki dah gigil. I have never been like this, I was a very good when performing of in front others people, I used to scared before I came to front but after I went to front of public, my fear will automatic disappear. Now, semua tu dah tak jadi lagi… I’m afraid that might be my confidence in facing public is very low now. During my presentation, I blurred, I keep looking my script but when it comes to the middle of the presentation, I recover, I managed to do well.

Masa, sebelum nak pergi presentation that day, nak menghilangkan rasa gelabah. I pun buat benda yang I paling suka that is cam whoring!! so nak selit lah sket kat blog kesayangan ku ini.

mase ni sangat cuak!!! huhu

ceh ingat konon-konon ley kurang cuak la ni....

huhu penting tu jam power rangers warne merah tu!

But I'm very proud of myself because I managed to "wake up" during the presentation. Now all I have to do is to find where is myself and my confidence. The moral is just be yourself and don't let the surroundings influence you, I think my confidence is influenced by my surroundings, but I'm not blaming anyone, it is my fault and I am responsible for my own actions. So, Chayo! vee marisa find your confidence!!! anyone nak join?

Here is my picture after the presentation, nampak sangat muka sedih sebab agak pelik muka ku.

dalam kelas kat CLL

Dengan Fatin-she is holding uniform Petronas.

heheh =D

and the last picture credit to my roomate_Dian. and to the person who bought me this blazer! thanx! I love so much!!!

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