The Dried Leaf

1:28:00 AM Vee Marisa 2 Comments

Maybe that the last time I saw you
Even it just on flat screen with no real eye contact
I saw You were smiling at me
You seem so happy
I was there for you
You were there for me
You make my life brighter again
You make me happy one more time

But why you have to go again?
Leaving me with my thoughts
HATE to feel so lonely
It's killing me inside
I'm smiling yet I'm crying
I tried so hard to make it looks real
I couldnt do, not anymore
I'm weak without you
When are you going to come back?
Please come back

You are the reason why I do everything right
You are the reason why I breathe
You are the reason why I live
You are the reason why I keep myself stronger every time

Now you're gone
Everything seems hopeless
I cant find my rainbow out there
My soul is missing
My mind is floating
Somewhere to place I don't know

What I can see is,
There is a leaf falling from the tree
Then in a second blink
It becomes dried and dead
The leaf represent my heart
and my heart will always point at you
Love you damn much...

Wish you all the best in life. Ada jodoh ada lah. I still put my hope on you.. Miss u like hell..


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  2. today i'm choosing to move on.. hehe.. thnx for concern...


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