Bought New things!

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Hai semua. Huh! Tension!! Nak exam esok ni. Sepatah Haram I tak paham apa-apa. Huhuhu ni yang nak buat drama bersiri latin! Ahaks! So bila dah tension, apa lagi, SHOOPING time!!! I pun keluar lah hari raby lepas ke bandar segamat. haha. Tak ada apa sangat. Bandar pun kosong, sebab puasa la kata kan.

So, Alin and I went to ORIOLI BOUTiQUE, the most expensive boutique in segamat I think. haha! The items looks exclusive and also the shop was designed and decorated; style british. There, I bought a khaki skirt which costs for RM109.90 but thankfully there is sale right now, Mega sale all over Malaysia. So i got ALMOST 70% DISCOUNT.

Then, I went to my favourite gift store! FairyTales! There are a lot of soft toys! Gila nak beli Stitch!!! huhu. But then, I saw this Baby Milo Bag. Last few mnonth ago, I really wanted one these big bag, but there is no more stock left. I'm so happy to have Beg Monyet Cumel. hehe! At last!!!!

Finally, we went to guardian, as usual. hehhe. But this time I bought eyeshadow from Silky Girl. Tired using the expensive product. Now I'm trying to mix my make up brand. hehehe. The colour quite good actually, as well as the blusher. Both eyeshadow and blusher that I bought way cheaper than i used to buy (with other product......>censored xley bagitaw produk ape<)

Ni gambar kat kedai ORIOLI BOUTIQUE. Dalam fitting room.

Thats all! see ya! MuaaaaH!


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